The paintings of Ted May bridge many historical classifications but they transcend any contemporary taxonomic interpretation. His study at East Sydney Technical College (now the National Art School in Sydney, Australia) in the early 1960s coincided with a time when Australian art was undergoing a shift; modernism had held strongly for two decades and abstract expressionism from the New York scene was starting to have an influence.                            

Some artists rejected these new ideas, and May’s formative years in this period were undoubtedly shaped by the discourse, but he and some of his Australian counterparts rejected the developing trends and concentrated on developing a style of painting that was unique and idiosyncratic.While the lines of expressionism and the intellectual minimalism of abstraction are evident throughout May’s oeuvre, his signature ‘drawings with paint’ have remained resolute for 50 years. Unweighted by trends, they express an artistic freedom which has evolved through decades of faithful studio practice.                                    

                                                   Marita Smith, Gallery Director, Gallerysmith